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Matte Finish Visiting Cards

(15 customer reviews)

Product Highlights:

  • Standard size: 92mm x 52mm
  • Full-color, high-resolution printing (CMYK)
  • Premium matte finish for a luxurious look and feel
  • Choice of paper stock (matte recommended for optimal results)
  • Single or double-sided printing
  • Professionally finished edges (square or rounded – see options for details)
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Matte Finish Visiting Cards

In today’s digital era dominated by email and social media, traditional visiting cards remain surprisingly relevant. A well-designed matte finish card can leave a lasting impression, convey professionalism, and serve as a tangible reminder of your brand identity. Among various types, matte finish visiting cards are crucial for effective networking and business communication.

What are Matte Finish Visiting Cards?

Matte finish visiting cards are designed for exchanging contact information. They feature a smooth, non-glossy texture that enhances readability and adds a touch of elegance to your personal or business details. These cards are compact, convenient, and present a sophisticated professional image.

Evolution and Importance

Visiting cards have evolved from handwritten notes to professionally printed ones that highlight business credentials. Despite technological advancements, they remain essential for making memorable impressions during face-to-face interactions.


Matte finish visiting cards are valued for their understated elegance and readability. They are resistant to fingerprints and smudges, making them ideal for everyday use in various professional environments.

Design and Customization

Design options for matte finish visiting cards range from classic to contemporary, allowing you to customize fonts, colors, and layouts to reflect your brand’s personality. This versatility ensures your cards stand out while maintaining a professional look.

Why Choose Matte Finish Visiting Cards?

They provide a refined, non-reflective surface that reduces glare and enhances readability under different lighting conditions. Matte finish cards offer a subtle yet impactful way to exchange information, leaving a lasting impression with their tactile appeal.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

Front, front & Back


300, 500, 800, 1000


Standard, Rounded

Reviews (15)

15 reviews for Matte Finish Visiting Cards

  1. Anita (verified owner)

    I rarely leave a comment, but this item is beyond worth it! Gotta let you guys know!

  2. Bhuvan (verified owner)

    Been using it for a while, I usually don’t write a review but this time I am truly convinced to write.

  3. Mohan (verified owner)

    A promising product, worth trying

  4. Parth (verified owner)

    Thank you guys for this amazing creation! Absolutely mind-blowing!

  5. Ravi (verified owner)

    I received a personalized and attentive treatment. Thanks to this deal, I was able to find a solution to my problem in a short time. 🙂

  6. Ishaan (verified owner)

    This is the best support for a product I had so far, they reply quickly and solve themselves the problems most of the time. Kudos guyz

  7. Preeti (verified owner)

    Been using a lot of items, this one is obviously the best

  8. Deepak (verified owner)

    Good response from the support.

  9. Aryan (verified owner)

    Just love the design and the customer support is the nicest.

  10. Vikram (verified owner)

    The first time I got the urges to leave a comment, but this is simply a top-notch thing you can find.

  11. Gennaro (verified owner)

    Quite easy to use, nice design, surely will buy again

  12. Felicity (verified owner)

    I like this item and also the customer service of them.

  13. Dominique (verified owner)

    It’s far better than those similar products, while the price is still acceptable.

  14. Mandy (verified owner)

    I think this is amazing. Lots of features and customizable from every point of view. The few times I asked for help in support they were competent, fast and above all very patient. Really recommend

  15. Angelita (verified owner)

    I got excellent support for this item. They were patient with me, and helped me solve my issue. I recommend this company 100%

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